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Engineering & Manufacturing Positions throughout Upstate New York

In the recruiting industry, the differentiator between one firm and another is never the product, it's the people. At Tech Valley Recruiting, we're the people you want finding the perfect position for you or finding the perfect candidate for your company's needs. Our intuition and ability to recognize the needs of a business and find the right candidate is what differentiates us. For job recruiting in the Albany, NY, market, contact Tech Valley Recruiting today. Located in Selkirk, our recruiters have direct access to IT jobs, Engineering jobs, and Logistics jobs in Albany and surrounding markets.


Whether you're an employer seeking great candidates to grow the culture and success of your business, or a candidate struggling to find the right career fit, Tech Valley Recruiting can find the match. Rely on our job recruiting skills and intuition to recognize your needs and find them in the perfect candidate! Visit our Current Openings page to view open positions and apply directly from the site.

At Tech Valley Recruiting, our in-depth knowledge of business and how it evolves over time allows us to place candidates who are not only good fits now, but will grow with the company. These types of staffing solutions are invaluable to a company. Finding the right people to fit the culture and vision of your company can take you away from running that company. By partnering with Tech Valley Recruiting, we can leverage our skills and intuition to get the right people into your office.