Looking for a customized recruitment strategy?

We develop 

personalized recruiting plans to get real results.

Your business is unique so you shouldn’t settle for a cookie cutter recruitment strategy.  Give us a call today to see which model works best for you.


Contingency Search

Contingency searches are the most common in the industry and frequently happen when several agencies are working on a particular opening.  Depending on the scenario, this can both help and hurt the client’s search.

Confidential Search

Looking to launch a new product line but don’t want to tip off your competition? Need to replace a current employee? Confidential searches keep your openings offline to avoid being seen by the wrong set of eyes.

Retained Search

Retained searches are a boutique approach for businesses with hard-to-fill mid-senior positions which require a very close partnership during the talent acquisition process.  

Project-Based Search

Need to rev up production quickly with multiple candidates?  Project-based searches help fill a high volume of openings while keeping your budget in mind.

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